March 7th, 2014 15:41

Liv & Ingmar

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David Thomson(The New Republic): As it is, this adoring however congealed documentary takes them at Liv's appraise, as soulmates. But what we deserve is a much fuller portrait.
Mick LaSalle(San Francisco Chronicle): It's conducive to people who are fans enough to desire to know what it was like to live without interrupti~ an austere Swedish island with Ingmar Bergman.
Ben Sachs(Chicago Reader): Director Dheeraj Ajolkar presents this while a testament to the power of dexterity.
Stephen Holden(New York Times): [A] insignificant, likably sentimental film
Gary Goldstein(Los Angeles Times): A winning and lyrical documentary about the zealous, mutually inspiring yet fraught relationship betwixt the late filmmaker Ingmar Bergman and his lover, every-day collaborator and, ultimately, dear friend, actress Liv Ullmann.
Elizabeth Weitzman(New York Daily News): Ullmann delivers more real insight into Bergman, who comes over as both a professional genius and a trifling control freak.
Matt Prigge(Metro): There's a abundant more insightful film that could exist made from their relationship, which is not to decide that 'Liv & Ingmar' is good for nothing.
Kam Williams(Baret News): Actress Liv Ullmann wistfully deconstructs her 5-year affection affair and enduring 42-year relation with the late director Ingmar Bergman.
David Noh(Film Journal International): Forget Liz and Dick or Brangelina, with respect to true art-house fans — who could subsist called the Criterion Set today — Bergman and Ullman are the tie we want to know about, and this doc certainly delivers the goods.
Diego Costa(Slant Magazine): The documentary not singly humanizes Ingmar Bergman as the napping lover-cum-father of everyday life, limit works as a priceless oral history of cinema.
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat(Spirituality and Practice): A pathetic, candid, and intimate documentary filled with many magical moments.

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