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No God, No Master

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Jeannette Catsoulis(New York Times): A thin skin that probably should have been called "No Ambien? No Problem!"
Robert Abele(Los Angeles Times): A order of issue-driven snapshots instead of affair genuinely illuminating.
Joe Neumaier(New York Daily News): Interesting science of government done in by so-so filmmaking.
Danny King(Village Voice): Green is both a capable filmmaker and a unclouded history buff.
Louis Proyect(rec.arts.movies.reviews): Although marred ~ the agency of a weak script and an forward film score, this film is saved ~ means of its theme, namely the Palmer Raids of 1919 that was a forerunner to the abuse of democratic rights happening equitable now.
Chris Klimek(The Dissolve): [No God, No Master is] aspiring in a way that more high-priced films are rarely allowed to subsist anymore, illuminating a fascinating, underexplored series of American history [...]
Prairie Miller(WBAI Radio): With this suppressed US story of rebellion, anarchism, the Palmer raids and the IWW resurrected at the movies, this bound by duty thriller gets points for just existing. Even whether or not somewhat a reticent victim itself of the conduct intimidation it indicts here.
Sara Maria Vizcarrondo(Movies With Butter): Strathairn delivers not only so canned lines like they're recent from the vine, and Ray Wise, during the time that one of two characters without one accent, is again brilliant at existence the most duplicitous man you have power to't beat with common import or a stick.

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