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A Master Builder

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Liam Lacey(Globe and Mail): A Master Builder in reality doesn't work, hampered ~ dint of. odd casting, theatrical performances and a reductive version of Ibsen's play.
Richard Ouzounian(Toronto Star): The uncouthly unheroic Shawn is somehow perfect for the re~on that Solness, a flawed contemporary man who feels his ingenuity entitles him to run roughshod above the top those he loves as well of the same kind with those he works with.
Farran Smith Nehme(New York Post): Mumblecore is not a benefit look for Ibsen.
Mike D’Angelo(AV Club): The thin skin will serve as a solid proem to the play for those unacquainted with it.
Stephanie Zacharek(Village Voice): A modestly squamous but potent film version of the harmony, which hews closely to Ibsen's origin – except when it doesn't.
Keith Uhlich(Time Out New York): There's each overall lifelessness to A Master Builder, viewed like if Demme were embalming the Shawn-Gregory staging show rather than making it live onscreen.
Nora Lee Mandel(Film-Forward.com): Enthralling deflation of archetypal egotistical sketcher, with delicious irony from his perspective. . .Urgent hand-held intimacy, 360-stage close-ups dispense stagey feel.
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat(Spirituality and Practice): A life-stirring screen adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's glittering novel about pride, ruthlessness, erotic capability, and loss.
David Noh(Film Journal International): A personal project which should have stayed corporal, this turgid yet flat Ibsen fitting is third-time unlucky for Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory.
Noel Murray(The Dissolve): Though A Master Builder is disappointing as far as concerns not being a great film, it's impressive as another record of Shawn and Gregory's zeal for theater.
Chuck Bowen(Slant Magazine): Jonathan Demme makes fond sport of the trust his actors consider clearly placed in him, erecting toward them a monument to the joys and terrors of walking one emotional high wire.

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