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Bird People

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A.O. Scott(New York Times): Viewed from a actual angle, "Bird People" is a self-same sad movie. But it's likewise a lark.
Jordan Hoffman(New York Daily News): The most of all moments in "Bird People" rise to such heights that you for the most part want to forgive the parts that sum to mere droppings.
Mike D’Angelo(AV Club): A pellicle that finds beauty and drama in the tiniest places.
Melissa Anderson(Village Voice): Bird People finds strange ways to anatomize 21st-century malaise.
Peter Debruge(Variety): It's deliciously risky, allowing Ferran falls far short of Icarus' nonsense, soaring low and returning to nature having risked too little.
Jordan Mintzer(Hollywood Reporter): Two puzzled souls flock together, sort of, in one ambitious French film that takes flying in some highly unusual ways.
Daniel Carlson(Movie Mezzanine): Bird People is superficial but never inconsequential, dreamy but never unbelievable.
Brian Tallerico( Ferran is running downward to "flights of fancy," absolution the pun, as some scenes in his film go on unchecked while others aren't allowed closely the right amount of time to unravel.
Noel Murray(The Dissolve): This is a wisp of a movie, and now it deals with an experience in this way pervasive that it's usually meanly acknowledged-this restlessness people feel to float off to somewhere else.
Doris Toumarkine(Film Journal International): Fanciful, creative and unexpected airport-set drama that captures the frenzy and pressures of modern life contrasted with lives led by creatures free while a bird. But quirkiness and duration may delay takeoff.
Jesse Cataldo(Slant Magazine): Pascale Ferran's film isn't daring enough to abundantly embrace the narrative fragmentation that it sporadically assumes.
Oliver Lyttelton(The Playlist): …we just found it too oblique, too delighted through itself, and frankly, too dull, to wonder at it much. It's apparently a good thing that it exists, except it's not for us.

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