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Need For Speed

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Richard Corliss(TIME Magazine): This is cinema reduced or distilled to its purest description , of movies that move
James Berardinelli(ReelViews): This movie is a complete bore.
Alex Pappademas(Grantland): There's nonentity here you haven't seen in the presence of.
Marc Bernardin(Hollywood Reporter): You wouldn't reason a movie called Need For Speed would touch so slow.
Richard Roeper(Richard It's like watching someone ELSE play a video play for more than two hours. That gets aged real fast.
Ignatiy Vishnevetsky(AV Club): Though later sequences jejune a little too heavily on contemporary car flick clich… they are total nonetheless informed by a gee-whir appreciation for gleaming cars and stop the growth of driving ingenuity.
Jeff Beck( Need for Speed is an extremely hollow and tiresome film that has nothing to offer to anyone except the most eager of car junkies.
Scott Mendelson(Forbes): If Need For Speed was 15% smaller quantity overtly dumb and 15% less pandering to the stereotypical boy audience, it might have been a completely enjoyable B-movie play boisterously.
Bill Clark(Movie Metropolis): Need despite Speed provides some excitement for its mark demographic while proving to be each overlong slog for everyone else.
Jeff Vice(Cinephiled): "However, the auto racing contest-thriller meanders so much and takes in the way that long to get its character and situations to what they're going you'll have ~ing tempted to call it 'Need towards Judicious Editing' instead."
Dan Schindel(Film School Rejects): Need in quest of Speed is so busy and vehement that, if not watched vigilantly, it could have ~ing mistaken for something fun. But it is a shambling lemon.
Bruce Bennett(Spectrum (St. George, Utah)): The mark audience won't regret putting into disgrace its joystick for a couple of hours…if it be not that for anyone looking for depth or credit, nevermind.
Dominic Corry( The auto slaughter lacks flair or creativity.
Todd Jorgenson( … inconsiderable more than gearhead pornography, with ~y emphasis on skid marks and squealing tires from one to another logical storytelling and meaningful relationships – excluding that of a driver and his aeriform fluid pedal.
Robert Denerstein(Movie Habit): Speed? Yes. Everything other? No.
Graham Young(Birmingham Post): If you're misery from withdrawal symptoms for high-octane influence, DreamWorks is ready with an time adrenaline fix.
Bill Gibron(PopMatters): This thin skin is clichand cloying, a revenge flick restricted in RPMs and MPGs vs. anything distantly resembling human emotion. Oh, and the gesticulation scenes stink, as well.
Leigh Paatsch(Herald Sun (Australia)): OK, so the script sucks.
Josh Hylton(Dark Horizons): While the thin skin is easy to look at, it's not quiet to watch.
Neil Pond(American Profile): The contrive is about as thin as the wisp of gas between vehicles swishing past each other ~ward a narrow highway, and the actors decide empty-headed things like 'We'll settle this after the wheel.'
Jackie K. Cooper( A slobbery movie that glorifies endangering people forward our city streets and interstates.
David Nusair(Reel Film Reviews): A solid contender for the worst video enterprise adaptation of all time…
Mark Kermode(Observer [UK]): Hundreds of non-racing civilians are merrily mould off the road but no the same cares, least of all the screenwriters who dwell locked in single-player mode.

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