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Bangkok Adrenaline

Four backpackers arrive in Thailand to party and drink. A gambling game goes wrong and with their lives on the line they desperately decide to kidnap a billionaires daughter. Things go wrong when her ‘father’ doesn’t play ball and prefers to use the kidnapping to further his own interests.

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The Victim

In Thailand, the aspirant actress Ting is invited by Lieutenant Te to work for the police simulating murders to help the investigations. Her talent becomes recognized and she is invited to participate many cases and also in a soap-opera. Ting feels a great attraction for the brutal murder of the former Miss Thailand Meen, whose body had not been found, only parts of her tissue, and is invited to perform the case where the former husband of Meen, Dr. Jarun, is the prime-suspect. Ting feels connected to the spirit of Meen, who helps her to solve the mystery and find the real killer, the lesbian plastic surgeon Fai that was obsessed for Meen. However, in the world of cinema, fantasy and reality are entwined in another ghost story.

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Sunday, June 6th, 2010 20:06 1 Comment

Ghost Game

Ghost Game tells the story of 11 contestants who sign up for a scary reality show which forces them to confront the supernatural and their innermost fears. They’re brought to an ancient war museum in Cambodia, which was used as a Khmer Rouge prison twenty years before. Thousands of innocent people were tortured and killed there during the Cambodian war in the 1970s. Now the museum is abandoned, and no one dares to step inside. The single winner of the show will be rewarded for 5 million Baht ($US 130,000), the highest amount ever offered on a Thai game show. Inspired by the big reward, they accept to risk their lives in the museum, confronting traps set by the show’s producers, as well as those of the real ghosts whose spirits haunt the place.

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Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 17:10 3 Comments

Pleasure Factory

The lives of pleasure seekers and pleasure providers intertwine one night in Singapore’s red light district.

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Monday, July 20th, 2009 18:07 1 Comment

The Blue Elephant

A young elephant goes on an extraordinary adventure and learns important lessons along the way about friendship, love and courage.

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Thursday, July 16th, 2009 11:07 9 Comments

The King Maker

In 1547 Fernando De Gama, a young “Soldier of Fortune” from Portugal, set sail for the Orient in a bid to find the man that murdered his father and, with luck, like many of his fellow countrymen,to make his fortune. A vicious storm in the Indian ocean almost ended his plans when the ship he was on sank. The sole survivor, he was washed up on a tropical beach only to be captured by Arab slavers and taken to Ayutthaya in the kingdom of Siam where he was offered for sale as a slave. He is rescued from slavery when a beautiful young woman Maria, also from Portugal, living in Ayutthaya with her father, buys him from the Arabs and restores his freedom. Not suprisingly he falls for Maria and Maria him, much to the chagrin of Maria’s Father. As an experienced soldier his services are soon in demand when the King of Siam declares war on a Northern renegade pretender and all of the Portuguese colony are press-ganged into the service of the King. Predictably, Fernando’s experience and gallantry in the heat of battle, gain favour with the King who commands him to be one of his honoured personal Guard along with a new found Thai friend of tremendous gallantry, Tong. Unbeknownst to the king, his beautiful but devious wife, Queen Sudachan, plots to kill him and place her lover on the throne. The first attempt by the Queen to rid herself of the king fails and she enlists the services of Phillippe, who it transpires was the murderer of Fernando’s father. He in turn organises another failed attempt on the Kings life. As trusted guardians of the king, Fernando and Tong discover that Phillippe is involved but is killed during an attempt to arrest him. They subsequently discover that the perpetrator is the Queen but are to late to save the king who has already succumbed to her poison. The blame for the kings death is fostered upon Fernando and Tong who are arrested and forced to fight each other to the death for the amusement of Queen Sudachan and her lover, the new king.

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13: Game of Death

Pusit has the worst day of his life. He lost just his job and is in the serious guilt. This is to be changed everything about itself if he receives a mysterious phone call with an enticing offer. If he could complete 13 tasks, he will win 100 millions Baht. Pusit agrees, and begins the play.

Pusit hat den schlechtesten Tag seines Lebens. Er verlor gerade seinen Job und ist in der ernsten Schuld. Das ist alles über sich zu ändern, wenn er einen mysteriösen Anruf mit einem verführerischen Angebot erhält. Wenn er 13 Aufgaben vollenden konnte, wird er 100 Millionen Baht gewinnen. Pusit stimmt zu, und das Spiel beginnt.

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Tuesday, February 19th, 2008 11:02 1 Comment

Dynamite Warrior

History is put in the course of 1890s Siam. Fai of Detonation of Jone (the robber de Boule de feu) is a warlike young person Thaïlandais Muay and an expert of rocketry who steals the back taken water buffalo of poor farmers Isan by the dishonest stock raiders. It also searches a man with a tattoo which killed his parents. During this time, a local nobleman, a lord Waeng, wants to create a market for the stream tractors which he sells. Therefore it hires a lourdaud prisoner, *quot; Voleur*quot; to kill all dealers of stock and to gather all water buffalo for the butchery, by depriving farmers of the animals of rough draft they have to cultivate of the rice. The men of lord Waeng are finally pricked against Nai Hoi Chantent, a dealer of stock with the powers of supernatural martial arts and a tattoo on its case. Tattoo accepts the Detonation of Jone the attention of Fai and while the Thief tries to steal the herd of stock of Sing, the Detonation of Jone which Fai tries to break Sings, but is pushed back. The lord Waeng recruits then the Detonation of Jone which Fai in a plan to conquer Sing. To make so, they also need the assistant of the wizard black, which was once juror by Sing so that he cannot resist in the light of the sun. The wizard black says that the only manner of winning Sings and makes reverse its periods must use the menstrual blood of a virgin – the daughter of the wizard black, E’ Sao.

L’histoire est mise au cours des années 1890 Siam. Fai de Détonation de Jone (le Bandit de Boule de feu) est un jeune guerrier Thaïlandais Muay et un expert de fuséologie qui vole l’arrière arni pris de pauvres fermiers Isan par le bétail malhonnête raiders. Il cherche aussi un homme avec un tatouage qui a tué ses parents. Pendant ce temps, un noble local, un Lord Waeng, veut créer un marché pour les tracteurs à vapeur qu’il vend. Donc il engage un détenu lourdaud, "le Voleur", tuer tous les commerçants de bétail et rassembler tout l’arni pour l’abattage, en privant des fermiers des animaux de brouillon ils doivent cultiver du riz. Les hommes de Lord Waeng sont finalement piqués contre Nai Hoi Chantent, un commerçant de bétail avec les pouvoirs d’arts martiaux surnaturels et un tatouage sur sa caisse. Le tatouage reçoit la Détonation de Jone l’attention de Fai et pendant que le Voleur essaie de voler le troupeau de bétail de Sing, la Détonation de Jone que Fai essaie d’attaquer Chante, mais est repoussé. Le Lord Waeng recrute alors la Détonation de Jone que Fai dans un projet pour vaincre Chantent. Pour faire ainsi, ils ont aussi besoin de l’aide du Sorcier Noir, qui a été une fois juré par Chantent pour qu’il ne puisse pas résister à la lumière du soleil. Le Sorcier Noir dit que la seule façon de vaincre Chante et fait marche arrière ses périodes doit utiliser le sang menstruel d’une vierge – la fille du Sorcier Noir, E’Sao.

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